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Join Eagle Christian Church and Family Hope International in their mission to preserve families and prevent orphans in Hanicha, Ethiopia.

In fall of 2019, Pastor Randy of Eagle Christian Church joined Family Hope International on an annual Vision Trip and a divine appointment occurred between the two ministries and a small, but growing church in the predominately Muslim town of Hanicha.

Click here to read more about "Why Hanicha?"

We also invite you to join us Sunday, October 17th at 9am at ECC Central Valley in the Fireside Room to hear from Family Hope International's President, Jeff Butler and ECC member and FHI VP, Ethan Bauer.

Below are ways you can get involved in this holy work.



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Partner with us today! For just $50/month you can sponsor and feed an entire family in Ethiopia. After 6-9 months, your family will be assessed for a small business loan and if eligible, have the opportunity to work towards becoming self-sustaining.


The local Hanicha church has grown from 6 believers 6 years ago to over 500. Your donation will help support a local Ethiopian evangelist for Muslim outreach.

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Our Micro Loan Program helps empower families to become self-sustaining. For just $500, you can fund a small business loan that will be repaid and used to help fund loans for other families. Any donation amount will make a difference!


A donation to our General Fund goes to where it is needed most. These donations can be used for medical treatment, to fund micro loans, for operational support, to bridge the gap in family sponsorship donations or in other ways. 

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