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Our goal is to provide families with short-term support of approximately three years, in order for them to be trained to successfully operate a small business.


After approximately 6 months, once our sponsored families have been embraced with compassion and equipped with basic necessities, we identify a small-business opportunity in cooperation with the family, case managers, and business managers.

At this time, we will invite you to help empower them with the small business loan of $500. If you are unable or do not wish to fund the micro-loan, it will be funded in another way once funds become available. This is either through our in-country micro-loan account, our general fund or donor funds.

Once the loan is funded, the sponsored family commits to repay the loan, interest free, over a period of 27 months. Business managers work hand-in-hand with the case managers and families to ensure they will be successful for the long-term in operating a small business. The money is paid back into the organization’s in-country micro-loan fund. The money stays in-country and is recycled to be used to fund future family micro-loans. The family then graduates and we celebrate their accomplishment and employ them into the local economy.

Our goal is to free families from extreme poverty through our embrace, equip, empower and employ process! We will reach out when your family is ready to start their own micro-business.

Please note, not all families in our program will be assessed to be eligible for our Micro-Loan Program. Our goal is that every family will have the opportunity to work towards self-sufficiency, but this just isn’t always an option when injury, illness and other factors come into play.

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