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FALL 2023


Trip Leaders: Jeff Butler and Ethan Bauer

Trip Dates: November 3rd-12th, 2023

Location: Kenya & Ethiopia


**Trip dates are subject to change by a few days

Trip Cost: $2,000 + airfare


**Airfare for this trip is currently estimated at $2,000-$2,200 and is subject to change as the trip gets closer and is dependent on departure airport.

A deposit of $1,000 will hold your spot


We want to empower you to make a difference.


Vision Trips are a great way to see first-hand what Family Hope International is doing in Ethiopia and Kenya and why it works! 

Come to Africa and see our Embrace, Equip, Empower and Employ process at work. You will have the opportunity to meet waiting families, hear the testimony of sponsored families, see women working their micro-business and likely hear from a program graduate!

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If you are planning to travel with us on our next trip, please register here. A $1,000 deposit will be required to submit the registration.

We will send an email with additional trip information once we receive your information. You can find our trip packing list, tentative itinerary and FAQs below.


Click here


Click here


We will send a link to purchase your Kenyan and Ethiopian tourist visas as we get closer to the trip, and flight and hotel details have been finalized. 


Kenya - Yellow Fever

Ethiopia - None

At this time, Covid-19 testing will be required both in the US and internationally if you do not have the vaccine. Details will be emailed to you at a later date.


What do Trip Fees include?


3 meals each day

Bottled water

Transportation and Translator

Cultural Experience

FHI Vision Experience

What additional fees can I expect to pay?

Visa fees (pre-travel)

Domestic baggage fees

Covid testing (if applicable)

Personal expenses such as room charges 

Extra food and beverages

Laundry fees



Where will we stay?

We will stay at very nice, clean hotel with great staff that offers American-style meals and internet access. 

Can I visit my sponsored family?

It is very likely that you will be able to meet your sponsored family unless they are in the Dembidollo area of Ethiopia, as we are currently unable to travel to that region.

Can I bring gifts?

You are welcome to bring some small gifts for your sponsored family(s). We recommend items that fit in a gallon sized ziploc bag. If you wish to bring other gifts, we recommend something small that you can bring a lot of: toys, balls, cars, lollipops. If you have an idea of something else you'd like to bring, please email Morgan.

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Two Suitcases are allowed but we ask that you try to keep to one due to bus size – 50 lbs max weight per suitcase.

Carry-on Backpack with all essentials for air travel.

Passport & paper copy

Copy of flight itinerary

Toiletries - Pack liquids in a clear plastic bag, 3oz or smaller.  Pack everything in your backpack that you can’t live without while in ET!

Airplane portable pillow

Travel Medicine (such as Ciproflaxin, Malarone, Acidophillis, Ambien, etc)

Batteries (if needed for electronics)

Ear plugs (often barking dogs throughout the night)


Cell Phone and charger, headphones

AC adapter for Africa

Chargers for all electronic devices

Lightweight clothing

Extra shoes – Open toe shoes or flip flops ok but not recommended

Lightweight Jacket – Temps will range from 70-90 degrees while in-country


Small blanket

Cash to purchase gifts/souvenirs

Reading materials

Plastic bags for laundry

Pen and notepad/journal


Small first aid kit

Hand sanitizer

Mosquito repellant

Favorite Snacks

Candy for kids (Tootsie Pops, etc. No candy that melts easily)

Inflatable balls or small toys for kids

trip packing list
2023 Sample Itinerary

11/3: Depart hometown

11/4  Depart Washington DC

11/5: Arrive in Kenya

           Visit Nairobi National Park

11/6: Visit Kibera Slum Project Area

11/7: Visit Kibera Slum Project Area

           Depart Kenya, Arrive Ethiopia

11/8: Visit Addis project areas

11/9: Visit southern project areas 

11/10: Visit southern project areas, dinner at Awasa

11/11: Return to Addis, lunch, shopping, depart for US

nairobi park2.png
Sample Itinerary
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