In 2021, you cared enough to change the lives of hundreds of Ethiopian families. Without your commitment and support, they wouldn’t have made it.

Because of your generosity in 2021, we were able to equip and sustain nearly 433 families, representing around 1,588 women and children. We also celebrated the graduation of 38 families that now have a sustainable form of income through their own small business.

Thanks to a generous donor, your year-end gift will now be matched 100% ... making even more of a difference to more families! Our donor will match up to $25,000 total for the end-of-year campaign.

As we close out 2021, will you continue to support struggling Ethiopian families? Your BEST GIFT today will empower us to go into 2022 with renewed vision and resolve.

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Extreme poverty exists in Ethiopia. This has resulted in several million children becoming orphans. Families in extreme poverty are struggling to survive and often have no food to feed their children. Some parents have made the unthinkable decision to abandon their children to the streets.


Family Hope International was established to prevent this crisis by helping to preserve and empower the most vulnerable families on the verge of collapse. We don’t want to see one more family fall apart as a result of poverty!


OUR VISION is to prevent orphans by embracing, equipping, empowering and employing vulnerable families. 


Together we can see vulnerable families go from brokenness and helplessness to restoration and hope.


of your sponsorship donation goes to Ethiopia


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