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Kibera-0095 Pastor Dorothy Mukii

Pastor Dorothy Mukii, aged 50, is married to Benson Kyalo Munyao and is the mother of two daughters and two grandsons. She works as a community missionary in Kibera and does what she can to provide for her family. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, her husband lost his job, making things difficult for the family. 


Despite the challenges, Pastor Dorothy is grateful for the good health that God has given them. They currently live in a rented house with their eldest daughter, who is 24 years old and in college, Lindsey Mutanu (age 13), who is in middle school, and their two grandsons, Raphael (age 5) is in 1st grade and Raymond (age 3) is in preschool. Life has not been easy since Pastor Dorothy is the only one working. They dream of starting their own business to help support and stabilize their family. Your help will make a huge difference.  

Kibera-0095 Pastor Dorothy Mukii

Price Options
Family Sponsorship
$50.00every month until canceled
  • Thank you for partnering with us to preserve families and prevent orphans in Kenya. Sponsorship is a $50/month commitment and meets the basic and immediate needs of your sponsored family.


    You will be receiving a Welcome Packet in the mail shortly after sponsoring a family. It will contain a prayer card for your family as well as additional information on our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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