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Hanicha-0170 Tirunesh Tumebo

Tirunesh is a single mother facing challenges in raising her three children. Despite her efforts to make ends meet by selling cereals, her average monthly income of $16 falls short of meeting the family’s needs. This financial strain has become increasingly burdensome, exacerbating their difficulties in acquiring basic necessities. Tirunesh’s eldest child, Abriham, age 8, is currently enrolled in the 1st grade, while Kiberu, age 5, has not yet begun formal schooling. The youngest member of the family, Dano, age 3, is not yet of school age. With no external support, this family finds themselves in a precarious situation, compounded by the declining health of Tirunesh. Urgent assistance is needed to ensure their well-being and stability. 

Hanicha-0170 Tirunesh Tumebo

Price Options
Family Sponsorship
$50.00every month until canceled
  • Thank you for partnering with us to preserve families and prevent orphans in Ethiopia. Sponsorship is a $50/month commitment and meets the basic and immediate needs of your sponsored family.


    You will be receiving a Welcome Packet in the mail shortly after sponsoring a family. It will contain a prayer card for your family as well as additional information on our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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