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Hanicha-0166 Deselech Milaso

Deselech finds herself a single parent and widow after the tragic loss of her husband in an accident. She remains determined and strong-willed. Her primary source of income comes from retailing maize, yielding just $15 per month. However, this amount is insufficient to adequately support her family’s needs. Deselech has aspirations of becoming a successful businesswoman and dreams of opening her own food shop when the time is right. Her four children, Melesech (11 years old), currently in 1st grade, Mekides (8 years old), attending KG1, Meteges (6 years old), who has not yet started school, and the youngest, Melaku (3 years old), rely solely on her care and provision. Your support would transform this desparate family.

Hanicha-0166 Deselech Milaso

Price Options
Family Sponsorship
$50.00every month until canceled
  • Thank you for partnering with us to preserve families and prevent orphans in Ethiopia. Sponsorship is a $50/month commitment and meets the basic and immediate needs of your sponsored family.


    You will be receiving a Welcome Packet in the mail shortly after sponsoring a family. It will contain a prayer card for your family as well as additional information on our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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