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Our goal is that every eligible family would become self-sustaining and thrive.



“I am glad to thank Family Hope International and my sponsor family. I am so grateful and respectful to them for the chance I have had to be supported by them. My life was miserable before support; me and my son were alone in an empty house with almost nothing to eat. I used to stress a lot about how I was going to get our next meal and whether I’ll be able to send my son to school.

When I tried to find a job no one would hire me because I have no education nor experience. I used to come to the church and always cry and beg the Lord to answer my prayers and ease my pain. Then a miracle happened and I joined this organization. I started getting monthly donations and I had some money to put food on the table. After that I was offered a loan so that I could work and stand on my own feet.


After I took the loan, I started to sell clothing on the street. This experience has helped me both financially and psychologically as it has relieved me from tremendous stress. Now me and my son live happily. He is attending school properly and always goes with a full packed lunch. He has graduated kindergarten and that made me even happier. Besides fulfilling my family’s basic needs, I have been saving for the future and that’s all thanks to you. I’m am forever grateful for what you have done and your help has been invaluable for my family. May God bless you.

ABEBECH, Meseret Kristos 2021

9- IGA Graduation Communication MK-0057 Abebech Feleke._edited.jpg



Worke Endale



Fikrealem Tenkir


Yeshi Alene


9- IGA Graduation Communication MK-0051 Tirualem Nigusse..jpg

“Where do I begin? My life was a mess before I joined the organization; I was a single mother with two children and had no money, no family, and no husband to support me. Not only this but I had no job and working experience. I remember days I couldn’t buy water to drink for my kids and cried asking God, “When will this end?” God works in mysterious ways and you were the answer to my prayer.


Now, not only does my family have water to drink, but my children always take lunch to school and wear decent clothing. My empty house has gotten much fuller. My confidence that I can change and persevere has been renewed. I never thought I would work and change but after I started to work selling tea and coffee, thanks to you, I have learned once you put your mind to something you can overcome anything.


I am now a changed woman thanks to you. Besides my expenses, I have been saving and I had saved about $1,250.00.  Then I got sick and went to the hospital and had to use about $375.00 and now I have $875.00 in my account. Imagine how I would have been treated if I didn’t have this money.


The only thing I can say is you have helped me pass through my darkest time and everyone around me has been blessed by your great doings. May God bless you.

TIRUALEM, Meseret Kristos 2021


Addise Wordofa


BB-0066 Rahel Shimeles..jpg

Rahel Shimelis


Tisase Tamiru


9- IGA Graduation Communication MK-0049 Kasech Defera. (2).jpg

Kasech Defera


Prior to becoming a sponsored family through Family Hope International, Abynesh, who is HIV+ herself, was caring for her mentally ill sister and her nephew but couldn’t bring in enough money washing clothes. Abynesh joined the IGA program and began having much success making and selling both potato chips and injera (Ethiopian cultural bread). Thanks to this opportunity, she is able to independently care for Elfinesh and Yabsira.

ABYNESH, Bole Bulbula

You put your blessed fingerprint on my family, particularly upon my son by triggering his bright and blessed future. Therefore I can’t stop blessing you and everything belongs to you in Jesus name again and again.”

EDELE REDA, Meseret Kristos

“After my husband left us, we were living with many difficulties and challenges. We didn’t even have food to eat or a place to live. Now we have enough to eat, clothing to wear, clean water to drink and have shelter to rest. The loan I received helped me to start a business of making pillow cases and bed coverings with the help of machines. I am now living a happy life after I succeeded and started supporting my family independently. Now I have settled all my debts from the IGA program and graduated. Finally, I would like to say to my sponsoring family that you put your blessed fingerprint on my family giving us a bright and blessed future. Therefore, I am glad to bless you both Family Hope International and my beloved sponsoring family in Jesus name.”

SISAY, Shashemene

IGA SS-0008 (1).jpg
MK-0004 Tewabech L sent.JPG

“I think about how my husband left me with those three children and so many problems that I couldn’t solve. While I was struggling with those challenges, I got the opportunity to join Family Hope International and later the IGA program, allowing me to expand my existing business. Now all the challenges and problems of food, shelter and clean water were solved through you. I am eagerly striving in my business for a better future and so do my children, in their academics and work. I even repaired my home together with my neighbors. Now I keep working hard on my business and strive to attain the bright future. I cleared all my debts from the IGA program. Finally, I would like to thank you both, my beloved sponsoring family and Family Hope International, for everything you did. Because of you I kept running to a better life with great achievement and progress in life. May God bless you for the time we had and for what you did for us.”

TEWABECH, Meseret Kristos

"When I joined Family Hope International I was living in living with many challenges. I had nothing to feed my children and no source of income to fulfill the needs of my family. But after you began supporting my family, you saved us from hunger, disease and death. I want to thank God who sent you as an angel to rescue our family."

GENET DULA, Bole Bulbula

Etenesh joined this program from the NMK church through the candidate identification process. During that time, the family was so terrified because of how many children they had that they were unable to feed and who were not healthy. But after they joined this program Etenesh could manage this family and some children could attend school. Most of the children are no longer in school and now work as daily laborers. The family now has more than adequate food and lives in a repaired government house. Not only the problem of food and shelter is solved but most of the children work and Etenesh joined the IGA program. She invested the money in a small garment retailing business and prepared and sold local drinks.

ETENESH, Meseret Kristos

MK-0003 Etenesh B sent.JPG

Workinesh joined this ministry after the candidate selection process with the NMK church. When she joined, the family was in a hazardous condition where there was nothing to eat or drink and they were challenged with shelter and health problems. But now these dangerous conditions are improved and Workinesh has a successful, small spice business. This family is truly changed, determined to work hard and looking forward to a bright future.

WORKINESH, Meseret Kristos

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