We oversee a three-year program that begins with an intake interview to embrace families identified as the most vulnerable by the local churches and Case Managers. A U.S. sponsor is paired with each family and equips them by providing a monthly donation that is used to supplement rent, food, basic medical care, school supplies, and other minor household expenses.

After the first six months of sponsorship, we empower families by identifying a small business opportunity to create meaningful and profitable work.

A small business loan from a U.S. sponsor is provided along with training and mentoring from our local Business Managers. The loan is paid back over the next twenty-four months, at which time they can run the business on their own. They are now employed and self-sufficient. Once a family has “graduated” from the program, the U.S. sponsor is contacted and asked to consider sponsoring a new family that is in need.

You can help by funding your sponsor families microloan or by making a general donation to our Microloan Program!