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Ethiopia COVID-19 Update

Extreme poverty exists in Ethiopia. This has resulted in several million children becoming orphans. Families in extreme poverty are struggling to survive and often have no food to feed their children. Some parents have made the unthinkable decision to abandon their children to the streets.


Mission 1:27 was established to prevent this crisis by helping to preserve and empower the most vulnerable families on the verge of collapse. We don’t want to see one more family fall apart as a result of poverty!

OUR VISION is to prevent orphans by embracing, equipping, empowering and employing vulnerable families. 


Together we can see vulnerable families go from brokenness and helplessness to restoration and hope.

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Families Equipped


Families Empowered



A Letter from our President,

Jeff Butler

August 3, 2020


Dear Sponsor Partners,


I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for your genuine concern and prayers for your sponsored families in Ethiopia!  We have shared this with our staff and families in Ethiopia and they are so touched and encouraged by your love for them!


Covid-19 has been steadily increasing in Ethiopia, but thankfully at a slower rate than anticipated.  Currently they are reporting over 16,000 positive cases, 6,600 recovered, and 263 deaths.  Recent results are concerning as it looks like the daily reported positive cases are increasing.


From the beginning, Prime Minister Aby Ahmed's government moved quickly to implement mitigation measures to combat the spread.    In January, the government introduced strict passenger screening protocols at Addis Ababa's International Airport.  The Ministry of Health conducted house to house screenings of more than 11 million households containing more than 40 million people.  Testing scaled up from zero in early March to now over 5,000 tests per day.


Other key initiatives in slowing the spread involved public awareness and education, contact tracing, mask and hygiene usage, and social distancing measures.  Public universities and dormitories were prepared as quarantine centers.  So far, the strategy has proven effective and the Country is hopeful these strategies continue to minimize the spread. 


In addition to combating the spread of Covid-19, there has been major unrest and rioting occurring in many parts of the country.   This began as a result of a popular singer's death which sparked violence in the Country's Oromia region and the capital city of Addis Ababa.   Over 166 people were killed during the recent violence.  There are many factors that are continuing to fan the flames of unrest.   Sadly, it's the extreme poor, like our families, that are most impacted.


Just as we are experiencing many challenges in America these days, so too are our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.  Often, families will tell our staff or our vision trip members how much they love their sponsors and how they are continually praying for blessings on them in spite of their own personal challenges.  They remain very concerned for all of us in the U.S.  My hope is that you will one day be able to travel along with me and our team to meet your family(s) in person.  It will definitely change your life and theirs!


Let me conclude this update by saying once again, "THANK YOU!!"  Without YOU there is no way these families could survive, much less hope to one day thrive!   We, as Americans, are eternal optimists and I bet you also believe that better days are ahead not only for America, but for Ethiopia!  Let's keep that hope alive for us and for them!  It makes a world of difference!


Many blessings to you!




Jeff Butler


Mission 1:27 ǀ We Prevent Orphans


How You Can Help


We know many of you want to help, and you can!


Mission 1:27 Case Managers continue to provide food and supplies to your sponsored family(s). In anticipation of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are sending additional funds to purchase hygiene and sanitation supplies for our families. We will do this each month for the foreseeable future to help them prepare as much as possible.


The hygiene supplies will be added to the monthly food distribution by our Case Managers. They will also be sharing Coronavirus awareness and prevention information with the families.


If you would like give toward this need, please donate here.


Simply designate your donation for hygiene supplies.

We will keep you updated on any changes that take place and let you know if there are more ways to help. Please keep Ethiopia and our Mission 1:27 families in your prayers. 


Thank you for you faithful support and care for Ethiopia’s poorest families!

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